COMPTEC I.T is a modern Managed Services Provider offering businesses end-to-end I.T solutions and services across Australia and Europe.

We specialise in System Integration and Cyber Security, and our focus is to deliver high-quality solutions empowering customers’ business requirements flexibly, reliably, and securely. We closely follow the latest technology developments to create more efficient organisations, improve alignment between business technology solutions, and assist customers in meeting their business goals.

Digital Transformation and Innovation are two vital elements for today’s organisations to keep up with an ever-changing and evolving world. A successful transformation is the combination of service delivery and solution implementation with zero interruption in day-to-day business activity and ensuring 100% Business Continuity.

Why Us?

Experience, leadership, and transformation, combining innovation in the mix, is what allows us to succeed and have the ability to transform the needs of our customers for future readiness digitally.

Our recipe for success is tailoured solutions for clients in ensuring we use the correct measures, processes and methods.

This allows to develop and meet guidelines for innovation whilst understanding different environments and situations.

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Improve and Innovate
with the Tech Trends

Innovation is a Core Value focused by COMPTEC I.T, which allows us to meet our deliverables for our customers. Our Excellence in Service Delivery, Processes, and Core Values enable us to focus on innovation and take all clients along the journey to produce leading-edge technologies.

Innovation is how COMPTEC I.T’s business model adapts to using technology in new ways to create more efficient organisations and help deliver better products and services. Implementing new methodology within our client’s environments allows us to provide and align technology initiatives and meet company business goals.

Our recipe for success is not pushing one fixed solution for all clients but ensuring we use the correct measures, processes and methods to develop and meet guidelines for innovation whilst understanding different environments and situations. Being acrobatic, our Leadership and Support teams allow us to meet all requirements needed to deliver any technology required.

We believe individual employees flourish in an environment where innovation is high on the agenda by all members of our organisation.

Innovation allows all our Core Service Deliverable to be integrated for our customer requirements and needs so their business can move forward.

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Leading Edge Technology 100%
Security Compliance 100%