WHY Cloud Computing?

Has advanced to being Agile, Efficient & Scalable. It facilitates greater accessibility, Business Continuity and strategical planning.

Provides on-demand I.T resources accessible from every location via the internet. 

Eliminates the requirement to own and maintain on-premises data centres and equipment, hence; significantly reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) while improving Return on Investment (ROI) ratio at the same time.

We build your gateway to the future

Leveraging partnerships with some of the top cloud computing vendors worldwide, we help you make the decisive step of effectively transforming your business.

Our experts will understand your business needs, set up a roadmap with you and successfully deliver a reliable and viable solution.


Benefits of Cloud Computing


Rapidly deploy cloud instances empowering business growth.


Access corporate workloads conveniently and securely. Embrace a work-life balance culture.


Add or remove cloud resources easily to meet business demands.

As part of your cloud journey with COMPTEC I.T, our responsibility is to create a roadmap for the successful migration of your systems to the cloud. Our team will analyse your existing environment and provide you with a reliable path for the transition.

Security is often a primary consideration moving corporate systems in the cloud. At COMPTEC I.T, we have established partnerships with premium providers, such as Microsoft Azure, to safeguard the integrity of your data. 

Microsoft Azure maintains the most extensive compliance portfolio in the industry in terms of breadth (total number of offerings) and depth (number of customer-facing services in assessment scope).

Cloud providers typically guarantee 99% uptime based on their Service Level Agreements (SLA).

The SLA for Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines guarantees three nines uptime for a single instance, so 99.9 per cent.

Cloud computing providers, such as Microsoft Azure, are paid for a monthly subscription.

This cost comprises all the required components, storage, management, upgrade and maintenance. Operating System (OS) licenses are included as part of the offers most of the time.

Leveraging Cloud Computing Scalability, you only pay for what you need. COMPTEC I.T works closely with its customers to build a cloud ecosystem aligned with their business objectives.