Our Vision

COMPTEC I.T’s vision is to create a brand that embraces a genuine connection between our clients and ourselves. Trust is a major factor in ensuring our organisation builds a solid foundation for our customer’s success.

COMPTEC I.T’s foundations are built on the Ways of Working (WOW) factor, aligning with our vision statement.

Our Mission

At COMPTEC I.T, our mission statement is the foundation upon which our business operates.

It serves as a guiding principle for our employees and a roadmap to customer success. Our beliefs and values not only shape the way we interact with clients, but also with key partners and stakeholders.

We take pride in fostering positive and dynamic relationships through a range of interactions with key partners, clients, and stakeholders, working together towards shared success.

Our Business Values


Be able to think of new ideas and implement processes and technical solutions to achieve the best results.


We build trust through responsible actions and honest working relationships to achieve our goals.

Team Work

We achieve more when we collaborate and work together as our motto is “there is no I in Team”.


Each of us is responsible for our words, actions, results, and how we deliver our products to our customers.


Diversity is often misconceived as solely multicultural matters; however, it also applies to a variety of gender, race, ethnicity, age, sexuality, language, education, background, and so on.
In COMPTEC I.T, we accept and embrace diversity.


We value everyone and treat people with dignity and professionalism regardless of position, nature, sexuality or race.

Customer Focus

Deliver Customer Support, Efficiently, Effectively and with Precise answers as Customer Satisfaction is highly regarded.

Meet our Senior Team


CEO Australia & Europe

Peter comes from a long line of Enterprise Managed Services with 25+ years of experience in leadership roles within the technology sector. He specialises in business transformations, product innovation, growth strategies, and operational efficiency improvements.

He is now leading COMPTEC I.T both in Australia and Europe, focused on preparing and ensuring the next stage of growth for COMPTEC I.T.


Operations Manager Europe

Kostas comes from Enterprise Managed Services with extensive knowledge in architecture and leadership roles within the technology sector. He is heavily recognised for his expertise in solutioning and Cyber Security within the Microsoft world.

He is now the Operations Manager for COMPTEC I.T Europe and is responsible for leading the team and driving deliverables, with innovation being high on his agenda.


SR. Business development manager

Chris comes with a great background in the Business Development area and has a long experience within the banking sector. He is heavily recognised for serving on several community organisational boards and committees.

He is now the Senior Business Development Manager for COMPTEC I.T in Australia and Europe.


Head of Αdministration & Accounts Australia

Nella comes from a long background in accounting, book-keeping, and administration services and has experience of over 25+ years.

She is now a valued member of COMPTEC I.T in Australia, ensuring our company financials are consolidated and operating smoothly and successfully from a financial perspective. She is the liaison officer between our company, staff, clients, and accountants.

Our Managed Services

COMPTEC I.T’s leadership team focuses on business strategy, direction and success. Our Company Core Values are a key focus that we instil and embed to ensure our excellence in Service Delivery for our clients. Growth, staff empowerment, and collaboration are what drive success.

Our Managed Services teams are our Business As Usual (BAU) departments which deal with our customer’s day to day operations and consist of several Technical and Non-technical teams:

                    +Operations Managers

The Operations Manager is our Leader who ensures Service Delivery guidelines are met. 

They are responsible for advocating and delivering Service to our customers and ensuring our support teams follow the correct process and meet strict SLA performance. They are accountable for all Incident, Change and Problem Management and dealing with our Customer Key Stake Holders.

The Engine of our Operations all Decisions are handled and remediated by our Operation Manager.

                   +Security Compliance Team

Security Compliance is our Number One Core Service for Managed Services. Our security team works closely with our architects and provides remediation and implementations of any required updates for our customers.

With today’s breaches and attacks happening worldwide, security compliance is a high focus stream COMPTEC I.T puts its energy into so our clients can ensure they have 100% business continuity.

                   +Support Teams

Our Support teams consist of the Service Desk, Remote/Onsite Desktop Support, Server Support and Monitoring teams.  These are the teams that are the first point of contact. We aim to try and resolve client issues as quickly as possible.  The ITIL process is essential for all our support teams to ensure we follow correct Industry Standards.

Part of ITIL is also the Escalation Process created to ensure remediation of any incident is completed within the appropriate timelines. Our aim is to remediate cases 85% remotely, but if there is a need to attend the site, we have a dedicated Onsite support team. All clients are provided with an SME (Subject Matter Expert) for their accounts, but the knowledge is spread amongst all teams, so we do not have a single point of failure.

Our Technology teams are the inventors and mechanics of our company.

They are responsible for delivering outstanding solution architecture to our customer’s infrastructure.

Their innovative ideas ensure they incorporate leading-edge technology with current deliverables. This team lives, eats, breathes technology, and constantly tests the latest technologies in our labs.

They are made up of a highly intelligent and sophisticated group of individuals responsible for thinking and assisting delivery teams in implementing new technology. 

This group is created and are hired for their vast experience in Technical Knowledge and ensuring our all Leading Edge Solutions are utilised and become part of the solution delivery we offer to our clients.

Our Consultancy Team consists of several Business Development Managers who work to create opportunities for COMPTEC I.T and assist in onboarding new clients.
They clearly understand our company’s Core Values and assess and create leads for prospective customers.
This group of individuals are there for their professionalism, charisma and understanding of customer needs which help COMPTEC I.T meet deliverables.
They have a high level of understanding of cloud, network solutions, different platforms, and security compliance and work closely with our technology and project managers to provide proposals for new business.
Their desire to grow the business makes this team our contact to the outside world of the organisation. Collaboration, understanding of business and solutioning is what makes COMPTEC I.T continue to grow and become a leading Managed Services Provider.

Our finance team is created to ensure our business stays ahead of all customer’s obligations for invoicing, payments, and bookkeeping for its monthly reporting to our company’s CEO.

Ways of Working (WOW)

By harnessing ambitions for our staff and creating the right working environment, COMPTEC I.T teams have a clear understanding of the company’s Core Values. 

Our WOW Factor (Ways of Working) ensures work-life balance allows our teams to be motivated and want to achieve great results for both COMPTEC I.T and our customers. 

Work-life balance is a significant aspect the leadership team have implemented and continue to focus on. 

These schemes ensure we have greater lengths of employment for our staff, which is an excellent recipe for success in the Service Delivery space. 

Customer service and understanding our customers and their business needs is the recipe for success.

Our culture

 At COMPTEC I.T our Core Values are the central underlying philosophy that guides our business and its employees. These beliefs also influence the way our company interacts with partners, clients, and key stakeholders.
  • We hire talented and self-motivated people as we despise micromanagement
  • We value performance and not hours worked, as we are goal-oriented. Work smarter, not harder, is our motto
  • We encourage quality time for our people, and we organise outside of the office activities to empower Team-Building
When you join COMPTEC I.T your not only joining an IT company but your joining a family!

Meet your Career at COMPTEC I.T


COMPTEC I.T has achieved its current success through the combination of amazing leaders, technical experts, and a talented sales team.

We are always on the lookout for exceptional people to join our dynamic team, which values innovation, excellent customer service, and employee satisfaction.

If you want to grow both personally and professionally while helping our business thrive, we encourage you to get in touch.

At COMPTEC IT, we prioritize employee satisfaction and are seeking individuals with the right skills and drive to join our enthusiastic and high-performing team.

If that sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you!


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