Advanced Protection around the clock

In today’s world, data lives with the employee, thus expanding the company’s data centre to a large extent. 

Remote work is here to stay and a large number of users already commute from remote locations.

A successful cyber attack can seriously affect business operations and cause unimaginable harm. 

It could result in permanent loss or leak of company assets. It could also be counter profitable due to the unavailability of critical production systems. 

Maintaining cyber-safe hygiene for now stretched infrastructure requires thorough planning and implementation. Most of the attacks occur after the closure of business hours when they are more likely to go undetected.

Our Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC), operating 24x7x365, not only monitors your infrastructure around the clock but prevents, detects and responds to cyber threats without jeopardizing your everyday business operations.

Effectively dealing with the threats

In conjunction, our integrated security systems offer a complete solution to the protected business.

As part of the solution, we protect your corporate devices from interacting with malicious resources while investigating the logs for suspicious events.

 Then, we discuss with you the time frame that fit your needs and we deliver detailed incident reports.

The reports include but are not limited to incidents, findings, and remediations in your infrastructure for each period. 

They also contain an analysis of the websites the workforce connects to providing you with the ability to block those not business-related and counterproductive.

Our philosophy is to neutralise the threat and forensically create a complete event chain for each incident.

This is how we ensure the threat is gone.