WHAT BAU means to me?

Business As Usual (BAU) is critical to maintaining and optimising your digital presence. Despite often being overlooked, it plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of your I.T systems.

Think about it, what would happen if your emails, computers, and ability to communicate with clients and vendors were suddenly unavailable?

Your business likely wouldn’t survive. That’s why BAU is so important.

WHAT does BAU include?

BAU tasks are the routine updates and maintenance activities that form a normal part of business operations.

These smaller jobs often require a fast turnaround and can include things like fixing user issues, responding to requests, implementing changes, and more.

BAU is different from project work or scheduled maintenance, which are usually larger, more strategic developments that can disrupt normal business operations.

BAU focuses on maintaining and continuously improving your systems to keep them running smoothly.

Our approach to BAU

At COMPTEC I.T, providing high-quality BAU support is one of our core values.

We achieve this by prioritising efficiency, quick resolution, using ITIL process methodologies, monitoring SLA metrics, communicating with end-users, fully understanding problems, and taking action to minimise business impact.

Depending on the contractual agreement between the MSP and the Customer, BAU can be charged accordingly for the supported business. Under Industry Standards, BAU hours are set by Block hours/minutes through the Incident Management Toolset Engineers use to perform, update and remediate their work.

Our Sales team will present and discuss with you the different support packages that will suit your business needs.

Typically, in an environment, BAU services include: 

Some common examples of BAU work are user additions/deletions, workstation configuration changes, updating software, printer requests, etc.

BAU services cover offsite support, but there is a definition of what is covered.

BAU offsite support covers intellectual property that belongs to the business. When you work for the company remotely, we will support you, but the request must be related to the business and not a personal I.T related issue.