Innovative. Scalable. Secure.

Meet your new File Services

The Challenge

Predominantly through the years, organisations have relied on on-premises File Servers for their data repository and access requirements.

This new era, has made the File Server one of the last running services in the data centre.

Most of the setups that tried to fill that gap lacked essential features such as distinct security permissions, end-user experience and other attributes.

The Solution

We are excited to present to you our 100% cloud-hosted solution, a breakthrough in the business world.

The solution comes with the below features:

The solution also enables you to greatly save on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO):

Sure thing!

The solution matches the description without any exemptions. It is a cloud-hosted, secure and feature-rich solution enabling today's organisations to access their data from virtually, anywhere.

They will be sound and safe!

We will migrate them for you to the new solution to start working with them immediately.

Your environment should run Windows 10 or Windows 11 and have internet access. A Microsoft 365 (Office 365) subscription is also required. Nothing else is needed.

The solution utilises a consumption-based cost model, so you get charged only on what you consume—no hidden costs. We will size your environment, discuss your requirements, and estimate the costs.

We can adjust the solution anytime to scale it up or down if needed.