User training that matters

An organisation is as secure as the Security Awareness level of its people.

Phishing Attacks are currently the #1 reason for security breaches.

Regardless of their size, today’s businesses must prepare to build the lines of their defenses against continuously evolving threats.

Security-related risks are significantly reduced when investing in Cyber Security training and awareness.

On top of our partnerships with some of the leaders in the sector, we will train your users to respond with efficacy against encounters with Cyber Criminals.

To do that, we host a controlled and monitored campaign to evaluate the current awareness level and take your users to the next level.

Can your employees identify a threat and deal with it properly?

Find out today!

Phishing Attacks are presently the #1 reason for security breaches. A single click to a malicious/phishing link is all that attackers need to initialise their plan to compromise corporate resources. The question isn't if but when it will happen. Raising Cyber Awareness is the effective solution against the threats.

Absolutely not. The campaign is fully managed and runs in an isolated environment. Although the simulation looks like a real scam, it is completely harmless.

It's as easy as creating a customised campaign running with a Monthly Plan. The Plan stops when the campaign ends without any additional charges.

We couldn’t miss mentioning the User Training Sessions that come as part of the package, offering additional value to this Cyber Awareness service. The sessions, available for audiences of various skills and experiences, will teach your employees good cybersecurity practices to confidently identify scams.