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Ongoing Social Engineering Campaign Targeting Businesses with spam emails and phone calls

🔍 What’s Happening?

⚠ Attackers overwhelm users with spam emails, primarily newsletter sign-up confirmations from legitimate organisations.
⚠ Follow-up phone calls from individuals impersonating IT team members offer assistance and prompt users to download remote monitoring software like AnyDesk or use Microsoft’s Quick Assist feature.
⚠ The goal is to establish a remote connection, allowing attackers to download malicious software to harvest credentials and maintain persistence.

🛡️ How to Protect Yourself:

✅ Stay Vigilant with Emails: Be cautious of unexpected email influxes and avoid immediate actions prompted by such emails.
✅ Verify Phone Calls: Always verify the identity of callers claiming to be from your IT team before following any instructions.
✅ Report Suspicious Activity: Urge users to immediately report any suspicious emails or phone calls and call for assistance.

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