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Corporate User Security Awareness: An Inconvenient Truth

Introduction This blog post is about the critical topic of user security awareness training in businesses and organisations. Whether you’re a business owner or responsible for managing users within one, this article is for you. Cyber Security threats are on the rise, becoming more sophisticated daily. Malicious actors are looking for easy targets, and unfortunately, […]

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New domain names for Australian businesses and organisations

Two weeks have been left for Australian businesses to make use of the priority registration period and register their domain names under the .au extension. From 20th September 2022, the way we register domain names in Australia is changing, and below is what you should know. What you should know about the change After this […]

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Demystifying the powerful SPF, DKIM and DMARC technologies

This blog post discusses the SPF, DKIM and DMARC mechanisms and how organisations can use them to their benefit. Contrary to popular belief, their role is not to protect a mail system against threats. Instead, they act as protection mechanisms for the mail exchange worldwide, adding to the Cyber Hygiene of this ecosystem. Did we […]